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- Money up front always;
- Payment on Paypal;
- I draw things and characters on text description only for a fee (I think it), please give me a picture, you better;
- If after 7 days after acceptance of an order I did not fulfill it, I return you full amount of money simply not to detain anyone (there may be exceptions with complex work);
- Only one customer and only one art, no queue, no;
- If you have already received art from me don't rush to order another skip other applicants;
- I can always cancel the order without explaining the reason;
- How to order? Complete the application form and send it to me in private messages\messages community marked "ordering";
- I usually do not disclose information about customers and conversations with them, but if he's a crook, I hasten to warn other artists.

I draw:
- people;
- everything that is not like people, including animals, monsters, anthropomorphy, dragons, the teapot with elephant ears and all that is possible;
I don't paint and don't even ask:
- stories, in which characters involved in the sexual act;
scene guru, dismemberment and wbse with an abundance of blood and other by-products (that is, in VERY large quantities).
- in other people's styles (Gravity falls, AT, Sailor moon, etc. cartoons and just by famous artists);
- religious subjects;

Prices and criteria

1.  Portrait - 30$

Basic: drawing with almost monochromatic background or its lack, the character is drawn approximately to the line of the shoulders or chest. You can make suggestions on colors and emotions.
Options: for each additional character in the picture (+25$), unusual location and feed (+15$), not a solid colour (+20-50$), I invented things (+25 $ for one character).

Sad frog by Moary Inside by Moary  Meeting half II by Moary 

1. A picture of a character reference and anything at all on what should I focus when drawing;
2. Wishes in color;
3. Emotions.
4. Other details

2. Static composition - 50 $

Base: the figure with a plain background or lack of it. The character is portrayed in some simple pose in full growth.
Options: for each additional character in the picture (+35$), dynamic, complex pose, interesting action (+25$), not a solid colour (+25-50$), I invented things (+50$ with every character).

 Over by Moary Flying by Moary


1. Drawing the character in full growth, and better detailed and clear reference;
2. Suggestions on the pose, the mood;
3. Other nuances.

3. Full art - 500 $

Union by Moary Infinity by Moary

Basic: drawing with background of your choice. The picture can be represented as some kind of plot or just an interaction with some object, scene, fight, sleep, lunch, shared anything.
Options: For every 3rd character in the picture (+50 $), complex dynamics and posture (+100 $), complex, or invented by me background (+50-250 $), I invented things (+25 for each character)


1. The picture of the character(Jay) detailed in full growth. As always better than a good reference;
2. Picture the scene the more the better (just not too lazy to score in Google what you need. If the place is very unusual and I don't expect existing I draw it based on your description and this is an additional cost).
3. The plot of the composition as detailed with all the parts that I will need;
4. Wishes on colour, atmosphere, mood of the picture;
5. Other details or requests.

4. Reference, concept art 40 $ 

Luski ref I by Moary Lu ref by Moary TG ref by Moary Sweetwater ref by Moary DEMON GOAT ADOPT #70 OPEN by Moary

An "exploded" character which shows its components, from body to clothes. Here I come up with many elements on their own. The amount of text on the image the customer ugovarivaet himself as the content, I don't write the characters, biographies, and more.
Basic: the Character is drawn in full growth on a solid background is attached to the questionnaire.
Options: the Character in another pose, the form, condition (+25 for each), rear view (+25 ), mini-portrait (+15), a few portraits, emotions, States of a person\muzzle (for each +15), a "scan" of colour (+25), invented by me the color and palette (+30), invented by me accessories and parts (+15), invented by clothing (+50 for every outfit), complex elements such as the portrayal of the anatomical structure (~100).

1. A detailed description of the character;
2. A sample of images and drawings (if they are not, not necessarily);
3. Wishes in color, design;
4. Other details or requests;
5. The text will need to insert the reference (biography, nature, other details).
It's me again with their slow efforts :D
002 by Moary

In the same way design patterns I started a new head. The material this time more solid than cotton and similar to drape. The assembly was held successfully and more quickly than last time. I sewed it right on fleece basis.
This time, I most likely sell this head so I try to do it efficiently, but the work goes very long.(

Win 20161215 000111 by Moary  Win 20161215 003438 by Moary Win 20161216 012412 by Moary

The eye is pretty low and the nose twitched. I tried to fix it.

   Win 20161221 201200 by Moary

Quite difficult stage - set ears. The material is quite strong,
I think if you try to get your ear (I don't think it will do, I tried to) break the seam, but the ear will remain intact.

Win 20170103 002812 by Moary  Win 20170103 021353 by Moary  Win 20170103 054155 by Moary

The picture is not quite difficult on the face. I have regretted that decided on the parts to sew, but not easy to draw

Win 20170118 032915 by Moary 

My first time working with fur in general. I had to dye twice. While I'm at the stage of "sewing-sewing-sewing"...

So, I sewed the nose and mouth. Eyes until just applied. Pattern (the pattern on the face) I decided to paint separately and not to sew. I still have to paint the fur. Still a lot of work.

Win 20170323 171709 by Moary  Win 20170325 064916 by Moary  Win 20170325 064926 by Moary 

In the process, I sew the gloves, the fur on them dyed disgusting, but at least stayed soft. I painted with acrylic dyes and sewed the already painted pieces.

Win 20170320 194029 by Moary

to be continued ^^
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Recently, I began to integrate into the culture of animegao, fursuiting and cosplay. Strange that I never posted the process of many of their works. It's just a wonderful practice! I think a lot of craft sooner or later lead to more ambitious activities. I am very sorry I have not done this before, now I have very little time...But I'm not stopping work with it.

In general, from processes that more or less deserve the attention I can show the tigeress. The character I invented very recently, and only when you finish the suit, i wil draw she.

It all started with the construction of patterns... Yeah, I'm not sculpted, not built it from foam, I went over some the hard way, but I liked it. Had a lot of sewing small pieces.

Win 20160921 235415 by Moary Win 20160922 224252 by Moary Win 20160923 215743 by Moary

Then I stuffed it with batting, and finished with a thick foam. I even managed to make him open mouth and even though he is bad, but it opened when moving the jaw. Did he lower incisors, the tongue.

Win 20160925 000641 by Moary Win 20160925 023647 by Moary  Win 20160925 155618 by Moary 
Win 20160929 195930 by Moary Win 20161005 190129 by Moary  Win 20161008 202805 by Moary  Win 20161008 230803 by Moary

Fitted a fleece, sewed the gloves and tail.

Win 20161010 011251 by Moary Win 20161018 164154 by Moary  Win 20161023 020520 by Moary Win 20161028 022355 by Moary

Now I'm trying to make she beautiful eyes and then a little paint (it is a tiger albino).

Sorry for bad photo quality. I hope the photo of the finished work will be better ^___^


Win 20161105 064054 by Moary  Win 20161105 064026 by Moary  Win 20161105 063954 by Moary  Win 20161105 064036 by Moary
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Opening commissions coming :meow:
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I announce the kiriban on 2000 pageviews. Rather, this is will be the art or adopt. luck :3
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Happy new year :heart:
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Well drawing adopts continues (I'm going to sell them we have not obtained in "core" in dreams). I suddenly found that I miss the normal examples of works to take comissions, so soon arrange a small event for free drawings. Don't reassure yourself, I will set the rule "draw week", this means if in a week I finish work I delete it and take another.
But it's not the most important thing now. I already for a long time, so you know, I write a story for my future comic. Originally (back in 2005) it was a children's fairy tale with magic, adventure, friendship and all. But now the story has changed becoming slightly more fierce and grim, not Grimm Brothers, of course, but obviously not so fabulous.
So, I wanted to ask you. What "tale for children"? What should be in it and what is not? I hope you can help me.
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Maybe I'll open the commission soon. The average price of 1-2 dollars. I think cheaper nowhere :D
Although judging by how "fast" buy my wolves... Commission will take no one.
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I go to this page from
Hello ~
Чуваки, я переехал крч, ибо задрало копить на премиум чтоб поменять имя, да и другие причины были.
Все заказы за поинты анулированы, заказы за реал буду принимать когда будет нормальный список и время и вообще я буду довольно тихим и выкладывать редко что-либо. Ждите комиксы, просто ждите.
всем кому интересно что я делаю иногда можно посмотреть тут